Thursday, March 13

Pane Fresco!

Most "ovens" are closed on Sunday in our area-so to find fresh bread on Sunday can be hard...not at La Tavola Marche! 

Pane fresco is made almost everyday & especially on Sunday's here! Jason has gotten the knack of the outdoor oven and how to use/move the heat. 

 He has been making pizza's of course, baguettes, the best challah ever (thanks to his Grandma's recipe & Meagan's baking) and various meats- most note-ably the 8lb deer leg (bath of chianti for a day and then roasted for hours-low & slow).  
We have the best intentions to give baguettes to neighbors & friends (since we are making 5 at a time) but, shocking - they always seem to get eaten first! Warm fresh bread, just beggin' to be buttered... it doesn't get any better than that!

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