Saturday, March 15

Introducing the Newest Members of the Ugly Club

This is hysterical- we are the newest members of Club dei Brutti- essentially the ugly club or the club of the uglies!  Immediately we thought our grandpa would not only be proud, but probably would have been a founding member if he lived in Italy!

We were at a friend's farm near Piobbico the other day & this jovial Italian showed up & introduced himself as "the Condelezza Rice of the ugly club" - he was the secretary of state for this famous club founded in the tiny town of Piobbico. Upon further inspection of Jason & I,  he quickly pulled out membership cards & inducted us on the spot.  We were then "evaluated" on our ugliness by these VIP members.  Jason ranked mediocre (getting off easy I think), I happily ranked insufficient. (Note: Meagan was unable to be officially ranked since they ran out of Membership cards.)

Needless to say, not much is required to join -  however they do have a few "rules" and sayings. Here are our favorites: (they don't translate exactly & sound much better in Italian of course)
Fight for aesthetic biodiversity - lowering the OGM of beauty
To be beautiful - what suffering!
Ugliness is beautiful!
Leave the beautiful woman to the men without fantasies!

Follow the link above (in the heading) & you too can join this international club of movers & shakers!!
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