Wednesday, February 20

From the farm to the table

Food here is not sold in styrofoam packaging and nondescript with an inch of ingredients you can't pronounce.  You know what you're buying not only the obvious fruits & veg (frutta e vedura) but cheese and meat especially.  For example, the other day Jason bough a chicken (the one in the pic), told the butcher "No problem, I can clean it at home" but didn't realize til we got home that it was complete - with all the intestines & inside bits! At the travelling market you can meet face to face the farmers & artisan producers.  It's fantastic to chat with them, taste their specialties & feel their pride when they suggest how you cook what you're buying. (Read The Omnivore's Dilemma! Great book that makes you rethink your relationship to the food you eat & will make you forever buy organic milk at the very least.  )
"The farm" is all around us! We recently visited our neighbors along via Candigliano to say "boun giorno," and to introduce ourselves & presented them fresh baked pear torte that Meg made.  In exchange we were given a bounty of gifts - homemade honey from the beekeepers (who just so happen to have the biggest prosciuttos curring in their cantina that we've ever seen, just hanging off hooks-major prosciutto envy!), fresh eggs from another neighbor an elderly couple with hens (as she ran to the barn, she reminded us of the little old lady from Wedding Singer who paid Adam Sandler in meatballs - we got paid in eggs!)  and then off to Fusciani's cousin - we were told to wait right here & he returned with a huge deer leg - incredible!!  (He already gave us tons of fresh lettuces & carrots on our first visit) We have yet to cook the 8lbs of capriolo but plan on roasting it after it marinates in chianti with rosemary overnight - deliscious, from the farm to our table!
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