Wednesday, February 20

99 bottles of vino....

Only in Italy!! When we moved into the house we found over 100 bottles of wine in the cantina! Seriously, and thats not counting the homemade vino we are afraid to open or the tons of empty bottles ready to be filled. From cases & cases of '98 Chianti (that we give away to everyone who comes over) to Frizzante Chardonnay and many other local varieties even grappa! 

It's incredible to move into a house & have a stocked wine cellar.  A couple bottles we've opened have been bad, really bad with sediment on the bottom & a vinegar smell but other than one or two of those bad apples ( or grapes) its awesome! 

Just head into the cantina anytime your thirsty & you're bound to find something good to drink.  We asked Fusciani (our landlord) about the wine & the homemade demijohns and he classically answered so simply "If its good drink it, if its bad drain it."  I don't know about you, but in Brooklyn we never found cases of wine in our apartment.  Jason calls it medicine & in that case, the pharmacy is always open!  Fusciani brings over his homemade wine & Proscesso all the time (the Prosecco is very particular & can only be bottled on a full moon.) This is why I love Italy!

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