Sunday, January 20

BYOB - Latte Crudo

Fresh whole milk is the best! Latte crudo is raw milk-unpasturzied, unhomoginized and perfectly delicious! We fill up liter bottles, four at a time, sometimes more than twice a week.  If you are driving through Le march & notice a sign reading: Latte Crudo 100m - STOP!! They are these funny little stands onthe side of the road that get filled 3 times a week with fresh whole milk.  The milk is brough directly from the farms & sold locally by the farmers.  Some of the stands have the farm located behind them.  

One of our favorite stands play barnyard animal noises as you fill up to the theme song of "Green Acres." It sets the sense nicely. 
We are always on the lookout for those signs or random fake cow statues (the tell tale signs of latte crudo).  This is why we carry 2 glass liter bottles in the car at all times- you never know!  Meagan spotted a new stand outside of Urbino & shouted out "latte crudoooooo!" We said, "chill fatty" we had four freshly filled bottles in the back.  And Meg innocently replied "I thought we were always on the lookout..." After an afternoon in he bottle, the cream rises to the top & you can either scoop that little bit of heaven out & enjoy or shake it up & drink straight from the bottle! Serve cold with homemade fudge (thanks uncle Shawn), homemade pera torta (pear torte) thanks to Meagan or in our morning cappuccini (call me fat, but on cereal its pretty damn good too!)  

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