Saturday, January 19

Boys will be boys...


 ...And sometimes girls will be boys too!

Jason feels like a real country man now that he has purchased his first real power tool! The woodbandits have been scoring tons of great wood but we needed to chop or better yet- chainsaw'em into smaller pieces.  We use the kitchen fireplace almost everynight- either for heat & ambiance or to cook/grill over- tonight we made homemade piandina (italian flat bread) and cooked them over the fire on a grill & for our antipasta Jason grilled fresh calamari-delish!

OK back to the power tools! We've all taken to the chain saw - Jason was truly giddy! We thought you couldn't get any tougher or more country (at least for that afternoon)...until our landlord Fusciani stopped by & pulled his gun out of the back of his car & started shooting right in our yard! 

Meagan & I heard the first shots from the kitchen and ran out thinking it was crazy hunters on our property again - nope Jason slinging a huge hunters rifle, missing every target Fuscian
i threw up into the air.  
At first Meagan & I both declined like nice girls should...then we felt 
the urge - it was incredible! Scary - yes! 

Meagan had so much fun, she busted into a celebratory grapevine after!
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