Thursday, December 6

Not just a simple change of address...

So it's finally here! We've been planning our big move to Le Marche, Italy for over a year. We've had many ups & downs, trips to Italy, visits to the consulate, Italian lessons and have met so many wonderful people along the way. After our "Farewell America Tour" as we drove across the country spending time with family along the way from NY, Georgia, Oklahoma, Seattle & San Francisco, we are now about to start our new life in Italy next week! We are moving into an old agriturismo (working farm) in the Italian countryside.

We are excited to share our story with you as we become stranieri (strangers) in a new land. I don't think we really realize how much our lives are about to change - or what path this will lead us down. Please check back as we will keep you updated as we navigate & devour our way through this unchartered territory as we build our business and lives together.
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